Oasis Handwoven Cotton Throw With Black Fringe - Monochrome

Oasis Handwoven Cotton Throw With Black Fringe - Monochrome

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This striking throw in monochrome has been woven in the typical Rajasthani design of Kashida weaving and features a stylish black fringed border. The perfect accessory for updating a room, use this throw as a focal style accent to add another layer of interest to your decor. Drape over a piece of furniture for that touch-me artisan look or use as a rug in the bedroom or children’s playroom to add a playful textile influence. Can also be used outdoors on hard floor areas but do not place on grass. Multi-functional - can also be used as a rug but ensure you use an anti-slip rug grip underneath for safety.


* Handwoven on a traditional pit-loom by artisans 

* Traditionally known as Pattus - these throws were originally woven as thick shawls to keep out the bitterly cold desert winds.

Sizes : 186 x 90 cms or 220 x 115cm. Please select which sizes you would like.

  • Note: These throws/rugs are handwoven and therefore each one varies slightly in length. Measurements are given in approximate figures and does not include the fringed detailing on the edges.

  • Find out who makes your throws and how your purchase impacts the lives of artisans. Read the blog and find out more

Material: 100% Cotton

Origin: Rajasthan, India

Care: Machine wash on a gentle cycle, drip dry out of the sun. Do not tumble dry.


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