Six String Sari Necklace - Marrs Green

Six String Sari Necklace - Marrs Green



A beautiful deep shade of Marrs Green with contrasting red thread work makes this sari necklace a versatile accessory for this season and beyond. Elevate your workwear, dresses, holiday outfits and you won't go wrong with this wardrobe staple.


* Exclusive, one of a kind necklace adds a bespoke, unique addition to your wardrobe

* Adjustable tie-backs mean you can vary the length of the necklace giving you versatility and your own unique look.

* Created from wooden prayer beads wrapped in recycled sari fabric

* Handcrafted by marginalised artisans who benefit from a fair wage, safe & flexible working hours, good working conditions and training.

* Zero Waste - product uses sari fabric left over from the making of our sari scarves.

Care: Do not wash. Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Material: 100% silk hand stitched with high quality cotton. Wooden prayer beads.

Origin: India

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