Handwoven Geometric Diamond Print Eri Silk Scarf - Pink and Orange

Handwoven Geometric Diamond Print Eri Silk Scarf - Pink and Orange



Make a statement with this stunning hand spun, hand woven Eri silk scarf . Features a bold hand block printed diamond pattern, contrasting with a black border and shades of pink, soft red and orange. Made from non-violent or peace silk, this lightweight, vegan friendly shawl is truly exquisite deserving to take centre stage when worn. With its lightweight, fluid drape and super soft texture, it’s guaranteed to elevate your wardrobe whether it’s the weekend or on a evening out.


* Made from sustainable organic silk

  • Obtained through non violent processes where the silk worm is naturally released, resulting in a fabric which is super soft.

  • Dyed using organic dyes that give a distinctive look to the fabric

  • By allowing the moth to pierce the cocoon naturally, the resulting yarn is shorter. These shorter threads are then spun together to make one single thread. A whole process which is labour intensive and therefore highly prized.

  • Organic silk is a forest-based industry and the yarn is produced in a natural untouched environment. The silk worms are reared outdoors on trees and are not fed on plucked leaves. This natural organic silk is made in collaboration with tribal silk worm rearers.

  • Rural spinners and weavers come from marginalised groups and are paid a fair wage and empowered by sustainable employment.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard Certified:

  • Dry clean only

  • Dimensions: 70” x 22”

    Dimensions are approximate and can vary as fabric is made on a handloom.


Neesha Amrish is a designer and entrepreneur who literally built her business from a table top workshop in Chennai, India to fashion houses in Europe and Japan. Her bold, contemporary designs combined with age-old artisan techniques have won her a niche clientele of discerning ethical enthusiasts to celebrities. An eco-conscious designer, Neesha has a passion for sustainable fashion celebrating hand spun, hand loomed and hand block printed textiles.

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