Kantha Sari Scarf - Turquoise /Pale Olive

Kantha Sari Scarf - Turquoise /Pale Olive


Wrap up on the breezy autumn days with this beautiful silk sari scarf. This exclusive scarf is versatile with a reversible design allowing you to coordinate your outfits. A pale olive on one side contrasts with a floral side that has beautiful shades, of turquoise, blue, green and dark olive.

Handmade by skilled artisans from a women's cooperative in India, these, exclusive, one-of-kind scarves by our partner social enterprise House of Wandering Silk, are hand-stitched in the ancient art of Indian Kantha, an art passed down through families over generations.

Tiny rows of running stitch are hand-stitched throughout the fabric, resulting in a luxurious rippling effect that adds texture and stunning detail to vibrant sari material. 

Each scarf is reversible and finished with the embroidered signature of the artisan. A mark of how your purchase makes a difference to empowering the lives of the artisans.

Dimensions: Length ranges from 200 to 215 cm (78 to 85”) and width from 45 to 55cm (17 to 22").

Material: Silk sari stitched using highest quality cotton

Care: Treasure your scarf by gently handwashing in a mild detergent or dry clean. Do not soak & do not dry in the sun.

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