Kantha Sari Scarf - Ikat Green & Red

Kantha Sari Scarf - Ikat Green & Red



A truly beautiful example of what was once a stunning ikat sari probably worn only on special occasions  Made to be treasured this scarf is real work of art with sumptuous heavier texture. Featuring Green geometric ikat floral patterns on one side offset by golden yellows, teracotta reds and forest greens on the other. Guaranteed to add a touch of textile wanderlust to your wardrobe, wear with stylish separates or glamorous evening wear. 


* Exclusive scarf - there's only one making this a truly unique possession.

* Made from upcycled saris - reduces waste.

* Handmade by skilled artisans from a women's cooperative in India in the ancient art of Indian Kantha, an art passed down through families over generations.

* Embroidered with the signature of the artisan as a reminder that each purchase empowers marginalised women to earn a sustainable income, fair pay and the chance to be independent.

*Reversible scarf - A truly multifunctional scarf that can be worn with one or both sides showing.

Dimensions: Length ranges from 200 to 215 cm (78 to 85”) and width from 45 to 55cm (17 to 22").

Material: Silk sari stitched using highest quality cotton

Care: Treasure your scarf by gently handwashing in a mild detergent or dry clean. Do not soak & do not dry in the sun.

Origin: India

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