Sari Pendant Necklace - Cerise

Sari Pendant Necklace - Cerise



If you’re looking for simplicity when it comes to jewellery, then this eclectic pendant is for you. Lightweight and vibrant this lovely cerise coloured sari necklace has an ikat pattern flecked with red and yellow. Handmade from upcycled prayer beads meticulously wrapped in upcycled silk sari. Finished with a vintage metal tassel traditionally worn by the Banjara nomads of Northern India.

Adds a stylish twist to your work wear, elevates a white shirt and looks great with a dress.


* Created from wooden prayer beads wrapped in recycled sari fabric

* Handcrafted by marginalised artisans who benefit from a fair wage, safe & flexible working hours, good working conditions and training.

* Zero Waste - product uses sari fabric left over from the making of our sari scarves.

Care: Do not wash. Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Origin: India

Length: Total length is approx. 73 cm (29”)

Drop: 8" from the neck.

Care: Keep away from water and spot clean. Do not wash.

Metal Tassel: Made from a metal alloy. May contain nickel.

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