Sari Pendant Necklace - Blue

Sari Pendant Necklace - Blue



If you’re looking for simplicity when it comes to jewellery, then this eclectic pendant is for you. A blue sari necklace with flecks of purple handmade from upcycled prayer beads meticulously wrapped in upcycled silk sari. Finished with a vintage metal tassel traditionally worn by the Banjara nomads of Northern India.

Adds a stylish twist to your work wear, elevates a white shirt and looks great with a dress.


* Created from wooden prayer beads wrapped in recycled sari fabric

* Handcrafted by marginalised artisans who benefit from a fair wage, safe & flexible working hours, good working conditions and training.

* Zero Waste - product uses sari fabric left over from the making of our sari scarves.

Care: Do not wash. Spot clean with a damp cloth.

Origin: India

Length: Total length is approx. 73 cm (29”)

Drop: 8" from the neck.

Care: Keep away from water and spot clean. Do not wash.

Metal Tassel: Made from a metal alloy. May contain nickel.

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