5 Reasons Why a Turkish Peshtemal Towel Is The Only Towel You Will Ever Need.


Peshtemals, Hammam's or Fouta's as they're also known, are traditional Turkish towels. With a rich cultural history dating back to the Ottoman era, Peshtemals were originally designed for use in Turkish bathhouses or Hammams. Today, these humble towels have seen an explosion in popularity in homes, spas and top hotels around the world. Not only are they visually beautiful but their versatility means these multi-talented hero's have many uses. So here's 5 reasons why you should get a Turkish towel - the only towel you'll ever need.  

1) A Peshtemal towel is lighter, dries quicker and more absorbent

Say goodbye to the standard heavyweight cotton towel and bring in the hard competition. A Peshtemal is highly absorbent, dries quickly and weighs considerably less than the usual towel. Plus, a Peshtemal towel gets better with age. Each wash releases the starch from the cotton and relaxes the yarn which means they get softer and better with use. Compare that to a standard towel that gets rougher, tired and worn over time and you've got a pretty good reason to ditch the terry towel for good.  In fact, our Peshtemals' come with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee. Now who would have thought a towel would last that long!

2) Peshtemals take up less space

If you've tried to cram a towel into your gym bag or your suitcase, you know it's not easy. These handwoven gems fold up so easily, leaving you ample space for all your other bits. Travel light when you're on the go and take them on your next weekend away, to the beach or on a picnic. At home they look gorgeous rolled up and stored in natural boxes or on shelves where they look great as a focal point in the bathroom.

3) Their versatility means you get great value and longevity

Dress up a rustic wooden table with a Peshtemal for those al fresco summer evening suppers or use it as a blanket on long car journey's. Whatever you do, you'll find our Peshtemals are so practical and versatile. Use them as a scarf or wrap to keep out the evening chill, or use as a super absorbent sarong after a dip in the pool. 

4) Peshtemals are beautifully handcrafted


We love textiles especially those that are handcrafted. Made by master weavers from a small family of ateliers in the textile heartlands of Denizli and Hatay, our Peshtemals use locally grown cotton, wool and blend timeless design with centuries old craftsmanship. From traditional diamond weaves to tonal stripes, classic herringbones or utilitarian chevron weaves, our Peshtemals are beautiful, timeless and designed for longevity.

5) Peshtemals add a touch of global style and sophistication to your home. 

Blending effortlessly into your interiors, our Peshtemals add colourful accents, texture, and stylish focal points to your home. Brighten up a tired bathroom, drape over a chair or throw over your bed for those cosy moments. You'll be surprised what a colourful Peshtemal can do to make your living space more homely and welcoming.