How To Wear A Cape: 7 Styling Tips To Rock A Cape Like A Style Icon

Artisan Handcrafted Cape 100% Merino Wool - Green

Artisan Handcrafted Cape 100% Merino Wool - Green


If you think capes are just for superheroes, think again. Our capes won't make you invisible or give you superpowers but they will empower your style in more ways than you think. They're a timeless trend that comes round year after year. In fact they're a great investment piece that will take you from autumn all the way through to spring and beyond. Adding mystery and elegance, our Merino wool capes will elevate your personal style to a whole new level. So here's how to wear a cape plus 7 styling tips to rock a cape like a style icon. 

First things first. Watch this short video by the designer of our beautifully handcrafted KARIGAR capes. It shows you just how quickly and easily you can throw a cape on to transform your outfit. Our capes are a versatile alternative to a coat (unless you live in the North Pole) and a stylish way of bringing outerwear indoors.


It's good to play around with your cape and experiment wearing it in different ways. Now you know how to wear a cape, here's 7 styling tips to help you look fabulous!


1) Keep it Simple

Wearing the cape over a simple jeans and t-shirt combination is great for a casual weekend look. Wear cropped jeans with ankle boots, flats or a pair of cute heels. If you're used to wearing smart jeans with a darker wash, a pair of brogues or loafers gives you a smart, more grown up look. Wear the cape long for plain jeans or short if you have detailing on the pockets.

2) Elevate Your Work Wear 

Wear your cape to work. Whether its a sharp suit with a pretty top or a fitted dress with black opaque tights, adding a cape makes personalised statement about your style and empowers your individual brand. Just what you need when you're trying to make an impression at work. 

3) Wear It As Part Of Your Outfit

Adding a belt to the cape will give your cape more shape and make it look like its actually part of your outfit. This works well with a dress or skirt and is perfect to wear inside a draughty office when the air con is just too cold for us girls! Choose a belt that blends well with the darker tones of the cape for more definition and a style statement. Works well with the cape worn long as there will be less layers on the front and you'll have a more defined waist.

4) Add a Hat 

Adding a brushed beret or felted fedora will give you an ultra sophisticated look. For a more casual look, opt for a knitted beanie or beret.

5) Let the Cape Do The Talking

Wear an all black outfit for a chic, sophisticated look.  Add a pair of sunglasses for an ultra-cool look! 

6) Add Boots

Boots look great with capes. Whether you're wearing long boots or ankle boots, you can adapt the length of the cape and play around with your look. 

7) Accessorise 

You may think its not worth accessorising if you're wearing a cape. With no heavy sleeves, the fact that the cape just has arm-holes means you can wear some pretty bracelets. Stack your bracelets for a relaxed weekend look or just one statement bracelet for a chic look at the office. Add a necklace to finish off your look.

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