Meet the Maker: A Day in the Life of a Kantha Artisan


Today, I thought I'd share video footage of the interview of Sujata - one of our Kantha artisans. Many of the artisans I met during my trip to West Bengal were very shy and reluctant to be in the spotlight. It's not something they're used to. I guess if you think about it, a stranger suddenly turning up at their village wanting to take lots of pictures and video would be a bit overwhelming! However, Sujata (although a little shy at the beginning), came across so well on video and her lively personality really shone through. 

In the video Sujata talks about how the income helps her in her day to day life.  I now know what they mean when they say "lost in translation"! There's a lot of meaning in what Sujata says on video, but translated into English subtitles can come over as over-simplified. That's why I interviewed her afterwards to dig deeper into what she said on video.  You can read Sujata's full interview on the blog.  I hope you enjoy it and I hope it brings you one step closer to connecting to those who make your scarves and realising the impact you make on their lives.