My inspiration began with a backpack, a handful of dreams and a vision - to bring ethical and beautifully handcrafted accessories to a global market, whilst ensuring the artisans who create them are empowered to earn a dignified and sustainable income.  My name is Harjit Sohotey-Khan and my journey started whilst travelling for a year through Asia with my husband. 

Throughout our travels, we came across many artisan communities. From Nepal to Thailand and Indonesia to Tibet. Women handcrafted stunning textiles using ancient techniques passed down through generations. There was a story woven into everything they created.

Living out of a backpack also taught me that I didn't need so much stuff in my life. It made me appreciate what I had back home and inspired me to think of a more ethical approach to life.

Read more about my inspiration in the Huffington Post blog: How A Year of Living Out Of A Backpack Inspired Me To Set Up A Sustainable Fashion Business





Inspired by cultures from faraway places, we bring you a sophisticated edit of conscious fashion accessories from around the world. Our collections are timeless, feminine and beautifully handcrafted by artisans. Designed to empower individuality, our collections combine luxury textiles, influenced by ancient handcraft techniques with a contemporary aesthetic. Adding elegance, functionality and presence to your wardrobe, our accessories take you from work to play - effortlessly.

We carefully curate our collections, partnering exclusively with social enterprises and brands that share our respect for people and the planet. Artisans are at the heart of what we do, which is why we celebrate brands that care and work collaboratively to share their stories.

Created lovingly by artisans, our products combine timeless style with traditional techniques passed down through generations, providing you with authentic fashion for your wardrobe and home. 

Find out more about who we are in the video below, so beautifully put together by our friends from Kynder - an eco - travel platform dedicated to featuring kind, eco-conscious hospitality.


Women’s empowerment & our mission

“Fair trade is as much about humanity as it is equality.”

We believe we all have the power to influence social change. For us that means fashion that has been created consciously. Women make up the majority of the workforce in the textile industries of developing nations, facing huge challenges such as gender, caste and social inequality.

We work only with innovative social businesses who have a strong sense of integrity and transparency in their fair trade practices, women’s empowerment programmes and environmental impact. Each and every product we carry is handmade by artisans empowered by a fair and sustainable income.

We are passionate about age-old craft techniques around the world and therefore seek to promote the artisans and their cultures. Our products combine sustainable, responsibly sourced materials including recycled fabric. This has less impact on people and the planet.