Our inspiration began with a backpack, a handful of dreams and a vision - to bring beautiful fairtrade artisan accessories to a global market whilst ensuring the artisans who create them are empowered to earn a dignified and sustainable income.  My journey started whilst travelling for a year through Asia with my husband. 

Throughout our travels, we came across many artisan communities. From Nepal to Thailand and Indonesia to Tibet. Women handcrafted stunning textiles using ancient techniques passed down through generations. There was a story woven into everything they created.

Living out of a backpack also taught me that I didn't need so much stuff in my life. It made me appreciate what I had back home and inspired me to think of a more ethical approach to life.

The textiles were so beautiful, so unique and a far cry from the fast fashion back home.  

Read more about my inspiration in the Huffington Post blog: How A Year of Living Out Of A Backpack Inspired Me To Set Up A Sustainable Fashion Business





As a lifestyle brand, our aim is to enrich your lives and homes with beautiful textiles and accessories from around the world.

For now we're starting with India, where we partner with social enterprises based in Delhi, West Bengal and Rajasthan, to bring you a carefully curated selection of quality accessories designed for you to treasure.

Created lovingly by artisans, our products combine timeless style with traditional techniques passed down through generations, providing you with extraordinary products that become part of your lifestyle and part of your story.

Find out more in the video below, about who we work with and about my recent trip to India to meet the artisans behind our business.



We believe it's only fair and just that those who lovingly craft our products are paid are fair wage. That's why we only source from select social businesses. Each purchase empowers artisans from women's cooperatives and self help groups, to seek opportunities to earn a fair income that is both dignified and sustainable. Our partners invest in our artisans enabling them to improve their homes, the education of their children and their healthcare.